Tri Sense

Tri Sense

Do everything "right" with no results?

Finding the right supplement may be what's missing...

Tri Sense brings together five natural ways to maintain healthy glucose levels, as part of a healthy diet.

Cinnamon Extract Cinnamon Extract
Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract
Chromium Chromium
Manganese Manganese
Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3

While Tri Sense is a great complement to DCI, these glucose maintenence supplements can be helpful to anyone looking for a natural boost to their healthy lifestyle.



Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon Bark Extract (Cinnulin PF®) — 125 mg A 20:1 cinnamon extract with no coumarin.

Numerous human studies have shown beneficial effects of cinnamon and extracts of cinnamon. Cinnulin PF® is a unique proprietary, patented cinnamon extract, that has research to support its functions including maintenence of blood sugar and blood pressure within a normal range. Cinnamon has a long history of use for flavoring, as a spice or preservative, and for medicinal purposes.

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In 2007, a systemic review was performed on cinnamon’s safety and efficacy on various properties such as antioxidant, gastrointestinal and brain support and immune function (Dugoua, et al, 2007). After that time, further evaluation was done on cinnamon’s effects on blood sugar, insulin, and other functions.

Raw cinnamon is rather bulky and contains coumarin, a naturally occurring substance that may be harmful to certain sensitive individuals. Using Cinnulin PF® allows us to reduce the bulk of the capsules (which allows for once daily dosing) while removing all the coumarin from our formula.

Resources/further reading

Search for these studies:

Insulin signaling pathways (Qin B, et al, 2009)

Blood pressure in healthy individuals (Ziegenfuss, et al, 2006)

Healthy Body Composition (Ziegenfuss, et al, 2006)

Women’s hormone balance (Wang et al, 2007; Kort et al, 2014)


Green Tea Leaf Extract — 360 mg 90% Polyphenols, including 162 mg EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)

Green tea contains powerful anti-oxidants, which have been shown to be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Polyphenols in green tea have been shown to reduce fasting glucose, insulin, and hemoglobin A1c levels.

Our Tri Sense formula contains 360 milligrams of green tea extract, which is equivalent to about 4 cups of green tea, in terms of the content of polyphenols (including epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG).

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Please be aware that green tea extract contains a small amount of caffeine, approximately 4 milligrams per capsule. For comparison, a cup of green tea contains 24-45 milligrams of caffeine; a cup of brewed coffee contains 100-200 milligrams.

Resources/further reading

EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate): Benefits, Dosage, and Safety -


Chromium Polynicotinate (ChromeMate®) — 1000 mcg

Chromium is an essential trace element. Supplementation has been shown to have beneficial effects in people with varying degrees of glucose intolerance.

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Chromium is an essential nutrient said to aid in the healthy maintenence of blood sugar.

Combined with niacin—a B-complex vitamin (B3) - it becomes chromium polynicotinate. Many people use it to balance blood sugar levels, maintain healthy weight, and sustain healthy cholesterol levels.

Resources/further reading

Chromium Polynicotinate -

Reader-friendly overview of Chromium:


Manganese Citrate — 2 mg

An in vivo animal study suggests that the combination of manganese and DCI is much more effective than either alone in maintaining optimum glucose levels. In the study, test subjects' blood glucose levels were reduced (over two hours) by 21% with the administration of DCI. With the addition of manganese, the reduction was increased to 47%.

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Manganese is an essential nutrient involved in many chemical processes in the body, including processing of cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein. It’s been said to aid in symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Manganese is a mineral found in nuts, legumes, seeds, tea, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables. It is considered an essential nutrient, because the body requires it to function properly

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Fact Sheet overview of manganese:


Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) — 1000 IU

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with metabolic risk factors like low "good" cholesterol levels.

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Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

There are differences between Vitamin D1, D2, and D3 (Cholecalciferol) Vitamin D is less expensive to produce and therefore is the form most commonly found in fortified food products. D3 (Cholecalciferol) is often known as the “Sunshine D” and is often what most people are deficient in.

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Vit D3 on Web MD:

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) and Why it’s prescribed:

Tri Sense

Tri Sense


A powerful blend of natural ingredients to promote healthy blood sugar levels. Each ingredient was chosen to help boost metabolism as part of a healthy lifestyle.


This formula uses only leucine, an essential amino acid, as a flow agent. There are no other inactive ingredients, besides the vegetable capsule. No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

Have more questions?

Here are some answers.

Is Tri Sense natural?

Yes, Chiral Balance is all about natural alternatives! Tri Sense is made from 5 natural ingredients:

  • cinnamon extract
  • green tea extract
  • chromium
  • manganese
  • vitamin D3

This formula uses only leucine, an essential amino acid, as a flow agent.

There are no other inactive ingredients, besides the vegetable capsule.

No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

What's the recommended dosage for Chiral Balance Tri sense?

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily - WITH FOOD.

We do not recommend taking any powerful herbal supplements on an empty stomach.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per bottle: 30

We do not recommend taking more than one Tri Sense a day.

Can I combine Tri Sense with NAC or ALA?

If you need stronger support for disposing of blood sugar, you might try adding NAC or ALA to your regimen.

Either can make a difference in your sugar disposal rates. However, any new addition like those should be used with caution. Driving your blood sugar too low can be unpleasant and even dangerous; known as hypoglycemia. Talk it through with your health professional, and keep snacks handy!

I'm already taking manganese - should I add tri sense?

Chiral Balance Tri Sense contains 2mg of Manganese Citrate.

The National Institute of Health advises against more than 11 milligrams of manganese per day for adults. Most daily multivitamins contain about 2 milligrams.

If you are getting manganese from other supplements as well, do the math and make sure you are within the recommended range.

Does tri sense contain caffeine?

Yes. Please be aware that green tea extract contains a small amount of caffeine, approximately 4 milligrams per capsule.

For comparison,

  • a cup of green tea contains 24-45 milligrams of caffeine
  • a cup of brewed coffee contains 100-200 milligrams
Will I lose weight if I take Tri Sense?

It is possible. Many customers have reported weight loss. Tri Sense ingredients can kick start a slow metabolism. But please understand that we do not present Tri Sense as a weight loss supplement. To do so would be irresponsible - Chiral Balance's focus is on overall wellness.

Is Tri Sense safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

Tri Sense and many of it's ingredients, have never been evaluated in a clinical trial for its use or safety during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

It is unknown whether it is safe, and therefore the question of whether to use it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding is best made in conjunction with your physician who can help weigh the benefits and risks.