How Does PCOS Cause Weight Gain?

How Does PCOS Cause Weight Gain?

Posted on Jan 20th 2020 | By: Sally S

PCOS is commonly associated with insulin resistance. One of the most serious issues associated with insulin resistance is ineffective glucose disposal.

What this means is that because cells aren't responding to insulin, they aren't taking glucose from the blood. This leads to high levels of glucose in the blood, commonly called high blood sugar, which anyone who has ever used a glucometer already knows all about. This has many negative consequences. But let's not overlook that excess sugar in the blood usually implies a shortage of sugar in the cells.

This shortage means cells are constantly starving for energy, and that leads to hunger.

Many women with PCOS can relate to the constant sugar and carb cravings and hunger that often goes along with PCOS.

Ultimately, insulin resistance means that sugar stays in the blood instead of getting to the cells and tissues that need it to make energy and work efficiently.

This leads to constant hunger and overeating.

There is quite a bit more at work here, but that serves as a good introduction and one of the bigger factors in PCOS-related weight gain.

For details about how all of this works, watch the video below: