Natural Hormone Balance
Natural Hormone Balance

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Chiral Balance is the industry pioneer of making higher dose D-chiro-inositol (DCI) available to consumers. In business for over 15 years, we offer natural alternatives at a quality and dosage that makes a noticeable difference in people’s lives.

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Natural, Premium, Evidence-Based Formulations to support your health goals.

"I have been using Chiral Balances wonderful supplements for nearly two years after a specialist recommended them to me personally. I was quickly astonished by how effective the supplements really are."

TaraHappy wife/ Proud mama bear

Happy wife/ Proud mama bear

"Love that I didn’t have to do anything dramatic with diet or exercise but still got stunning results."

IsabellaGrad Student, Austin, Texas

Grad Student, Austin, Texas

“I have taken DCI from Chiral Balance on and off for years. It helps tremendously. Chiral Balance is easy, effective, and worth the cost!”



“The proof is in the women who have ovulated, conceived & dropped their insulin to levels that are healthy enough to conceive. My labs show the proof. I will be on DCI for life & I pray that the good Lord above keeps it around at this dosage, because it’s what we need & it works.”



Supplements That Help Your Body Find it's Own Balance

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Women's Formula AM+PM - shown one bottle of each Women's Formula AM and Women's Formula PM

Women's Formula AM+PM

Was: $55.00
Now: $45.00

Premium quality daily multivitamins in separate AM and PM formula to maximize absorption. Female focused help to fill common nutritional gaps in your diet.

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Chiral Balance Tri Sense front of bottle

Tri Sense


A powerful blend of ingredients that target blood sugar, appetite, and energy issues. This formula compliments a healthy balanced diet and might be the boost you need.

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Saw Palmetto/Milk Thistle front of bottle

Saw Palmetto/Milk Thistle


A two-part botanical formula to help alleviate symptoms that can come from PCOS-related hormonal imbalance, while also protecting the liver from stress.

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Chiral Balance D-Chiro-Inositol front of bottle



DCI is a natural human metabolite that can assist the body to dispose of sugar effectively. We offer a dosage of 600 mg PURE D-chiro-inositol made from carob, not soy.

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Chiral Balance 2 Month Bundle consisting of 2 bottles of each D-Chiro Inositol, Tri-Sense, and Saw Palmetto/Milk Thistle

The 2 Month Bundle


This is an 8 Week Protocol: Two bottles of each of our products that will last 2 months - with a $50 Savings!


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Utilize sugar naturally and effectively.

Insulin Resistance and “free” testosterone is the origin of many of the signs and symptoms of PCOS — irregular or absent periods, ovarian cysts, unwanted body hair, hair loss, belly fat, acne, infertility, etc. Here's an animation to help visualize what can potentially cause too much "Free T".



I was recommended to try DCI, but I can't see my symptoms listed here?

DCI is not only for PCOS. However, There are really not enough human clinical studies, at this time, to tout these other benefits. But suffice to say we have a significant portion of long-term customers that DO NOT have PCOS.

Inositol functions as a secondary messenger for serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that send signals back and forth between the brain and other systems in the body. Low levels of inositol may disrupt this signaling, possibly resulting in mood disorders and impaired mental health.

Some cutting-edge physicians are excited about the research that points to DCI as important in initiating and promoting autophagy, which is a cellular housekeeping process that appears to help prevent some serious mental ailments.

We are excited to see future study results.

Can I combine Tri Sense with NAC or ALA?

If you need stronger support for disposing of blood sugar, you might try adding NAC or ALA to your regimen.

Either can make a difference in your sugar disposal rates. However, any new addition like those should be used with caution. Driving your blood sugar too low can be unpleasant and even dangerous; known as hypoglycemia. Talk it through with your health professional, and keep snacks handy!

Why are there two bottles, AM and PM?

The Women's formula is separated into a pair so you can take your b-vitamins, etc in the morning for better energy during the day, and you can take your minerals and vitamin D in the evening for more restful sleep. The ingredients are combined in a way that improves absorption of all the ingredients and separates minerals that would compete with each other for absorption.

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